Buyers Guide


The holiday home of your dreams at the Mediterranean coast; is it possible?

There is only one answer to this question: Yes, easily!

In addition to being a financial investment, a holiday home is first and foremost an investment in yourself, and it will at best generate delight for years ahead. Turkey offers unique experiences, a fascinatingly different culture, a long and colourful history and for those who live in Northern Europe, an almost strangely feeling, genuine hospitality.


Alanya in Turkey has already for several years been a favourite resort e.g. among Scandinavians, and the place has become a second home for many European people. Flights are short, and there are daily flights between a lot of European cities and Turkey. Shortly, it is easy to come to Turkey!

Price level and cost-effectiveness: Modern and roomy apartments are considerably cheaper than in other Mediterranean countries. Although the level of building quality in Turkey is top-class, the square metre price is often less than one thousand euros even for new apartments. Large balconies add to the comfort of living.

Residential costs are also cheap. Maintenance charges are much lower than in Europe. Use of the swimming pools and jacuzzis, gym and saunas on the site is included in the charge.

Electricity and water are invoiced only according to use. There is no basic charge for power.

The building supervision by the Turkish authorities is nowadays very strict. Special attention is given to the strength of the foundation and durability of the constructions. Matters pertaining to heat, water and sound insulation are also appropriately observed when building.

The climate of Alanya is ideal: one can enjoy sunny and warm days even during the winter months, even over 300 days per year! Thanks to the climate, fresh sun-ripened fruits and vegetables are available year-round.

Alanya is progressing in popularity as holiday destination; it is thus easy to rent and resale a holiday home.

Turkey invests on tourism at an ever increasing rate. Turkish membership in the EU is a current topic, and the reason why many things are changing. Tourism regions are continually being developed and more and more services are offered also for foreigners.

The growing traffic at the new Gazipasa airport near Alanya and upcoming five golf courses nearby will raise the value of apartments in the area even more. Now is the time to invest in Turkey!