We met Sanna Alatalo for the first time in July 2015 when we arrived to Alanya to explore the properties on the market. We received professional guidance and information about the properties and about the procedures. We found the suitable apartment for us in Avsallar and after few days of consideration we made the decision to buy it.

We came back to Turkey in October and mean while Sanna had arranged all the necessary papers, insurance of the apartment etc. ready for us. So we were able to relax and enjoy our new home with peace of mind.

As we have been very comfortable and satisfied in Avsallar we started to explore the possibility to switch into a bigger apartment in winter 2017. That of course with the help of Sanna too. Again everything, even the move of all the furniture, was accomplished very smoothly without any problems. When we arrived on April 2017 our new home was ready waiting for us.

We are highly recommending Sanna. She takes care professionally of all things concerning property sales and helps in all other matters also when needed.

After several trips and holidays under the Southern sun we began to think how it would be to own a holiday home abroad. We studied a great number of alternatives online and the absolute favorite turned out to be Kleopatra Homes Sanna Alatalo.

2015 in Autumn we booked a trip to Alanya and contacted Sanna Alatalo. Sanna had a varied selection of properties. During two weeks we found a suitable apartment for us.

Sanna started the process and took care of all the papers professionally and kept us informed all the time. We also bought furniture at the same trip. After a month we came back to Turkey and all the furniture we had ordered were at our new holiday home in their places just as promised.

In all matters when there has been uncertainty Sanna has always helped us.

Big thanks to Sanna Alatalo / Kleopatra Homes.

If you are interested of buying property in Turkey we recommend you to contact Kleopatra Homes.

If you are searching a reliable and professional real estate agent we are sincerely recommending Sanna Alatalo / Kleopatra Homes. She is familiar with the local ways of business and laws aswell as the Turkish language. And an extra bonus in the company is the official translator Saara. No need for having nightmares in home country, everything will be taken care of exactly as scheduled and promised.

I am writing about my purchase of apartment in Alanya. I had been thinking about buying an apartment for a long time already, watched some television series and searched the internet about apartment sales. Everything seemed good but I just had to make the final decision to buy.

In last April I visited Alanya for the first time. I wandered around in the city and right away I got the feeling, that this will be the place for my second home.

One day I took another route from the beach boulevard towards my hotel and came accross with Kleopatra Homes real estate office. I decided to step in. Sanna wished me welcome, offered me coffee or tea and I decided to have a glass of water.
Sanna inquired me whether I would like to see some apartments and where. We agreed that she would pick me up from my hotel in an hour. We visited three different projects and I was back at the hotel just before dark.

After returning back home I did some serious thinking. I went through several apartment alternatives on Kleoptra Homes website when I saw the Habitat Hill project. I contacted Sanna by e-mail and told her about my interest in this project and asked several questions, which I always got answered by her. Last May Sanna sended me some videos about the apartment which I watched several times. The more I watched the videos, the more convinced I became about this apartment being right for me. I inquired Sanna whether it was possible to reserve the apartment for me for a few months and she returned to me telling that it was possible.

We agreed that I would come to Alanya in June. Sanna had rented me an apartment by the same road, that Habitat Hill was being built. To me that seemed like a good sign.

During my week in Alanya, I saw many places with Sanna. In the evenings I went sometimes to Habitat Hill to see my possible future apartment. On Monday Sanna came as agreed and asked whether I had made my decision and I said: yes, Habitat Hill it is. To Sanna it was no surprise and we drove to apartment where we met with the constructor and we signed the contract right away. Sanna had foreseen my decision and she had all the papers ready already.

Sanna gave me an address of a furniture shop and already the next day I went shopping for furniture. All of a sudden a week had passed and it was time to go back home. I sent some money to Sanna so that she can start the process for Tapu and already after few days I received a picture of my Tapu. Sanna was very efficient taking care of everything.

In September I spent two weeks in my new home. All furniture was ready in my apartment, Sanna had taken care of that. I had also received pictures of my furnished apartment already in beforehand. Sanna came to pick me up as agreed and we went together to Metro to buy some household materials. Prices vere very reasonable.

Sanna was very determined taking care of official matters, such as tax office, notary and bank. All these things are part of a real estate agent’s work. I can say without any hesitation or exaggeration that Sanna did a great work taking care of everything.

All insurances were taken care of too, which are also a part of real estate agent’s work. I could not have been able to handle these things on my own and I am glad I did not even have to. Last November I stayed almost three months in my Alanya home. Weather was great and I felt fresh. Together with Sanna we took care of the water and electricity registrations as well as Iskan, which is needed for new apartments.

Finally I would like to underline that whether you are considering on buying an apartment in Alanya, do not buy from anybody who would just cheat you.

Buy your apartment from Sanna Alatalo in Kleopatra Homes. Sanna is very firm, friendly and trustworthy real estate agent. She knows how to work with locals and her language skills are excellent.

If anyone asks for a real estate agent in Alanya, my answer is: Kleopatra Homes and Sanna Alatalo.

We knew Turkey as a holiday destination, but we never thought about buying an apartment there instead of Spain.

In the fair in Oulu there were several real estate agents presenting Alanya and properties there. Also because of a tv-program about real estate business in Turkey, that we used to watch, we knew about this. The contact details of Kleopatra Homes and Sanna Alatalo we got from Huoneistoketju representative at the fair.

During our holiday to Alanya we went to property presentations with several real estate agents. Kleopatra Homes as completely Finnish agent felt like the best option for us.

After listening our wishes that we had concerning the apartment and its location, Sanna started to search for a suitable apartment with us. We spent few days going through some projects and we found the right apartment for us. After signing the sales contract, Sanna began her work together with Turkish authorities. We kept contacts by e-mail and after a couple of months we got a message, that all papers are ready at Tapu office. We were lucky we had a trustable person besides us who knew what to do.

Sanna’s language skills and knowledge about Alanya ment a lot for us also when furnishing our new home. She took us to several shops and afterwards we have been able to find the right places for all purchases we have needed.

It has always been nice to drop by at Kleopatra Homes, when we have been in Alanya, to have a nice chat and some Juhla Mokka coffee.

Based on our own experiences we have recommended our friends and acquaintances to turn to Kleopatra Homes and Sanna Alatalo, if they are interested in buying an apartment in Turkey.

For half of my career I had the opportunity to stay in several countries close to the Equator. However, my last working years I stayed in Finland. In the chilly Finnish weather I started to realize that in the future I want to spent a part of the year enjoying the warm climate and different cultures. Though I was not interested in one- or two-week-trips at all. So I started to look for a place to stay.

At first Spain seemed like an obvious choice as I could speak the language and taking care of my matters would therefore be easier. I travelled several times to coastal Spain and Canary Islands with the intention to find a suitable place. The property prices had dropped but still I could not find a right apartment for me. There were a lot of old apartments for sale, but very few new or fairly new – or in the right location. I had to start looking for another country. Thailand was one possibility but it is too far away.

Years ago I joined a presentation about Turkish tourist destinations. As Finnish real estate agents in Turkey offer cheap inspection trips, it was easy to learn and see the opportunities that a new country has to offer. I chose Kleopatra Homes to be my real estate agent. Services were perfect starting from the airport, transportation to our private accommodation and next morning meeting with Sanna Alatalo, the real estate agent of Kleopatra Homes, who introduced us to Alanya and its surroundings. One week passed fast with Sanna guiding us through various properties but this trip did not give us a result yet.

Few months later we tried again. I searched for possible properties with another real estate agent also but without a result. Sanna did not give up with us and finally she was able to find us the right apartment almost in the city centre. After we agreed upon the price, I could leave all routine paperwork to Sanna and return to Finland.

While I was in Finland, Sanna took care of all paperwork needed for the purchase – contract of sale, tapu etc. quickly and efficiently. All the buyer had to do was pay. All these services were included in the sales price. Next time in Alanya it was time for cleaning and furnishing the apartment, buying linen and curtains etc. Sanna was with us all the time with her car which made settling here remarkably easier for us. Taking care of these things without knowing turkish would have given us many headaches along the way.

Co-operation with our agent has continued also later. There have been many times when we have needed some advice and help. It has been easy for us, knowing who to call to. We would like to highlight Sanna’s punctuality and expertise as a real estate agent. Since I have lived in several foreign countries, I know how valuable this kind of service is. During this project we have become friends. THANK YOU SANNA!

Turkey has surprised me positively. Prices are affordable, a lot of work for tourism has been done and the beaches are fantastic. People are friendly and the quality of construction at least in newer apartments is surprisingly high. Prices compared to for example Spain are 20 – 30% cheaper and the apartments are of high quality. For me only problem is the language which at least in the beginning seems really difficult, but maybe time takes care of this problem, too. Luckily, at least in Alanya, one can manage pretty well with English also.

Our long-time dream has been a home from Turkey. You might ask, why there? We have travelled to Alanya, Turkey several times already and fallen in love with the cleanliness of the place, firendly people and of course the magnificent climate.

The next you probably ask: Why Kleopatra Homes?

We got to know Kleopatra Homes already in Finland, in an occasion, where we received a lot of important information of our main concerns such as; what if we get ill, how long we can stay, or what is the weather like in different times of year, etc.

For us it was also important to know that the Finnish owners of the company have operated in Turkey for almost 15 years and that the company has a Finnish real estate agent. All official papers are written in Finnish and we can get also legal advice and help if needed. Because of these facts we felt that we can trust this company.

Our next step was to meet with the real estate agent in Finland, at Matka fair in Helsinki, where we could once again ask some questions. At the fair we also arranged a meeting in Alanya.

In April 2011 we saw many properties and found our apartment, which was still under construction. We made the deal and at this point the importance of the work of Sanna Alatalo, our real estate agent, got much greater. With her help we went through all paperwork and all details over and over again just to be sure everything was understood and correct. At home we sent her questions by e-mail and we always received thorough answers on our questions. He kept us up-to-date during the construction phase and informed us about all paperwork, power of attorneys etc. which were needed.

In September we traveled to our brand new home. Excellent service continued as Sanna Alatalo helped us with furnishing and decoration. She took us shopping, informed us about the prices and helped us finding all we needed. For bigger items Kleopatra Homes arranged transportation. Arranging insurances and banking was easy and safe with a person we knew and who also could speak Turkish.

We warmly recommend Kleopatra Homes as your agent on buying your home!

We had considered buying an apartment in Turkey for years, met many real estate agents to who we had told what we wanted but we were always taken to luxuryous projects which we were not interested at all.

That was until we met Sanna who, from the beginning, really listened what we were looking for.
We found our home right away, at the very same trip. We sealed the purchase within 2 months and after that the work really began. There was a lot of paperwork to handle, but we were lucky to have Sanna besides us, taking care of it all.

With Sannas help we arranged our furnitures, banking and insurances. As our apartment was a second-hand apartment, we had to do some repairs and renovations and also on these matters we could rely on Sannas help.

Therefore we recommend Sanna and Kleopatra Homes with pleasure.

In September we traveled to our brand new home. Excellent service continued as Sanna Alatalo helped us with furnishing and decoration.

Many are dreaming about a second home somewhere far away. So did we for several years, looking for an apartment just right for us and finally in 2011 we knew we had found it. Even if the search might take a long time, we think it is essential that the decision is ours and feels right. We had many questions and considerations about buying an apartment in a foreign country, but Kleopatra Homes gave us thorough information about procedures and how things work in Turkey. We felt ourselves safe and we had a good relationship of trust vith our real estate agent. We are very satisfied with our decision. Kleopatra Homes has a vast network of trustable constructors and other partners and they help you with all details concerning to purchase of an apartment from the beginning, until the end.

Olimme harkinneet asunnon ostoa Turkista jo vuosia. Tavanneet useita välittäjiä, kertoneet minkälaista asuntoa etsimme, mutta aina meille esiteltiin uusia toinen toistaan hienompia kohteita joista emme olleet kiinnostuneita. 

Kunnes tapasimme Sannan, hän kuunteli heti mitä haemme.
Meidän koti löytyikin jo samalla reissulla. Kaupat tehtiin jo 2kk kuluttua, jonka jälkeen työ vasta alkoi. Kaikkia papereita sinne tänne, mutta onneksi meillä oli Sanna, jonka hoidossa kaikki sujui.

Sitten alkoi kodin kalustaminen, pankkiasiat ja vakuutukset, niistäkin selvittiin Sannan avulla. Koska ostimme vanhan asunnon, jouduimme tekemään pieniä korjauksia, myös niissä asioissa pystyimme luottamaan Sannan apuun.

Joten voimme hyvillä mielin suositella Kleopatra Homesia ja Sannaa kaikille.

An now we are happy owners of an apartment in Alanya, Kestel! As so many other Finns, we also had a negative attitude towards travelling to Turkey. Already few years earlier we had decided that after retiring we would like to stay partly abroad and coast of Spain was our first consideration. We got acquainted with Alanya, Turkey in the autumn 2010 when we met some Finnish real estate agents. Sanna Alatalo had just began working in Kleopatra Homes.

This trip changed our thoughts completely. It was safe in Alanya, Turkey, prices were low and climate was favourable and we decided to start looking for an apartment in Alanya. The following spring we returned to Alanya with our two grown-up sons with the intention to see some apartments. Also our sons were impressed by Sanna’s professionality.

In spring 2012 we returned to Alanya again. In Alanya everybody is willing to help you to buy an apartment and we were also introduced to real estate agents by staff of restaurants etc. For us it was critical that the real estate agent is Finnish. We met many interesting people and had some good property presentations, too. We had made our wishes clear; we wanted a sea view, closeness to beach, at least two bedrooms and a possibility to built a sauna. We did not want an apartment in the centrum, but with good transport connections so that we can manage without a car.

Sanna was enthusiastic to show us a new projest by a good constructor in Kestel. First time we saw the project, there were only beton pillars and floors done. Sanna had a clear vision that this would be our aparment but we were still hesitating and pondering about it. At times we were ready to finalize the deal but then we were surprised by the speed of the constructor and we were not ready to make the decision so quickly.

In the autumn 2012 we became retired so we came to Alanya for a longer period to seriously search for apartment. Sanna had organized us a lovely rental aparment. A transportation was waiting for us at the airport and as we arrived to our apartment, there was a breakfast in our fridge for us. We decided to stay for two months and look for an apartment without hurry. The apartment that Sanna had earlier chosen for us was already sold and the project where it was, had progressed well. All of a sudden we heard that the deal made for this apartment was cancelled, and there we were, considering it over and over again. After some sleepless nights and lots of thinking we ended up signing a sales contract before returning to Finland. We are sure that also Sanna was very relieved at this point.

The best part was furnishing the apartment in February 2013. Sanna was driving us around and helping us with furniture, curtains and other things. She was always fresh and cool and her Turkish skills helped us a lot, because english is not spoken in all offices or stores at all. All official matters were taken care of properly and in time, water and electric registrations were done, a bank account in a local bank opened, a bank card and passwords handled, and direct debits of bills settled.

Afterwards we have heard many stories, for example how an apartment has been bought two years ago and the owners are still missing their Tapu.

Without Sanna we would probably not have made the purchase. She is untiring in customer service and she convinces with her positive attitude and exceptional expertise. Sanna became much more than just a real estate agent for us and her help and advice have been priceless for us.

We are very pleased with our apartment and happy about our decision to buy it.

We warmly recommend Sanna – she knows her business!

As the Finnish winter was at its hardest 2012-2013, I started dreaming of a holiday apartment in the sun. I went to a fair to see the alternatives and did a lot of research in the internet. Turkey and Alanya became soon my first choice as both apartment prices and living costs are low in there, plus there are many sunny days in Alanya. Also short and cheap flights were effecting my decision.

The next step was to find the right apartment for me. I found many good alternatives through internet and then I had to book a trip and arrange some presentations. Through the meetings at the fair I had also received a nice contact from a Finnish real estate agent, Sanna from Kleopatra Homes.

In Alanya I saw plenty of apartments and several kinds of real estate agents. After all this Kleopatra Homes was my definite number one choice. From Kleopatra Homes I found the perfect apartment for me immediately, its location and price were exactly what I was looking for. Sannas friendliness and reliability gave me the courage to make the decision right away and all paperwork was done smoothly and in Finnish.

The next trip was enjoyable too, we did all furnishing together with Sanna during that trip. She introduced me with good partners and she was helping me also with translations. Therefore we got our apartment furnished before the holiday season. Also all paperwork and official matters were taken care of automatically.

Buying an apartment abroad was a good decision and we thank Sanna for making everything so easy for us. Now we can just enjoy our time together in this lovely, sunny destination by the sea and if we need help, we know we will get it. Therefore I can warmly recommend Kleopatra Homes as a partner, when looking for a suitable destination and a holiday apartment.

Talvella 2012-2013, Suomen talven ollessa kovimmillaan, alkoi mieleni tehdä loma-asuntoa auringosta. Kävin messuilla tutustumassa vaihtoehtoihin sekä surffailin netissä paljon.  Ykkösvaihtoehdoksi nousi nopeasti Turkki ja Alanya. Siellä sekä asuntojen hinnat, että eläminen ovat kohtuullisen hintaista ja aurinkopäiviä on paljon. Myös lyhyet ja edulliset lennot vaikuttivat kohteen valintaan.

Seuraava etappi sitten olikin sopivan asunnon löytäminen. Internetin kautta löytyi useita vaihtoehtoja, jonka jälkeen piti varata matka kohteeseen, sekä sopia näyttöjä. Messujen kautta olin myös saanut yhden miellyttävän yhteydenoton paikalliselta suomalaiselta välittäjältä, Kleopatra Homesin Sannalta.

Kohteessa käydessä näinkin lukuisia asuntoja ja kaikenlaisia välittäjiä. Kaiken tämän jälkeen ehdoton ykkönen oli Kleopatra Homes. Heidän valikoimistaan löytyi saman tien asunto, joka oli minulle täydellinen, myös sijainnin että hinnan puolesta. Sannan ystävällisyys ja luotettavuus antoi minulle rohkeutta tehdä ostopäätös saman tien. Paperit hoituivat nopeasti kuntoon, jopa suomen kielellä.

Seuraava matka olikin hauska sisustusmatka, jossa Sanna oli taas suurena apuna. Hänen kauttaan löytyivät hyvät yhteistyökumppanit ja tulkkausapua tietysti. Tästä johtuen saimme asunnon kalustettua ennen lomakautta. Myös kaikki muutkin paperi- ja viranomaisasiat hoituivat kuin itsestään.

Asunnon hankkiminen ulkomailta oli hyvä päätös ja iso kiitos kuuluu Sannalle siitä, että kaikki sujui niin vaivattomasti. Nyt vaan voimme nauttia koko porukalla lomista ihanan aurinkoisessa kohteessa meren rannalla ja tarvittaessa saamme apua ajankohtaisissa asioissa. Joten voin lämpimästi suositella Kleopatra Homesia yhteistyökumppaniksi sopivan kohteen löytämisessä ja loma-asunnon hankkimisessa.

Kodin hankinta Alanyan lämmöstä 
Turkki oli entuudestaan tuttu lomakohde, mutta emme kuitenkaan olleet ajatelleet hankkia sieltä asuntoa, ennemminkin Espanjasta.

Oulussa pidetyillä messuilla esiteltiin Alanyaa ja sen asuntotarjontaa monen välittäjän toimesta. TV:stä olimme nähneet ohjelman asuntovälityksestä Turkissa ja sen myötä asia oli tullut tutuksi. Kleopatra Homesin ja Sanna Alatalon yhteystiedot saimme Huoneistoketjun edustajalta messujen yhteydessä.

Alanyaan suuntautuneen loman yhteydessä kävimme asuntoesittelyissä eri kiinteistövälittäjien mukana.

Kleopatra Homes täysin suomalaisena toimijana tuntui parhaalta vaihtoehdolta.

Kuunneltuaan toiveemme asunnon ja sen sijainnin suhteen alkoi etsintä Sannan johdolla.. Parina päivänä tutustuimme eri kohteisiin ja löysimme meille sopivan huoneiston. Kauppakirjan allekirjoituksen jälkeen alkoi Sannan työ Turkin viranomaisten kanssa. Sähköpostin välityksellä pidimme yhteyttä ja muutaman kuukauden päästä saimme viestin, että paperit ovat Tapu toimistossa valmiina. Onneksi oli asianhoitaja, joka tiesi miten toimia.

Sannan turkinkielen taidolla ja paikallistuntemuksella oli suuri merkitys myös uutta kotia sisustettaessa. Hänen kanssaan lukuisissa kaupoissa kierrellessä olemme osanneet jälkeenpäin ja ihan omatoimisesti suunnata oikeaan paikkaan niin ruoka- kuin muitakin hankintoja tehdessämme.

Kleopatra Homesin toimistoon on aina ollut mukava pistäytyä vaihtamaan kuulumisia ja vaikkapa nauttimaan kupin Juhla Mokkaa Alanyassa ollessa.

Oman kokemuksemme perusteella olemme kehottaneet tuttaviamme kääntymään Kleopatra Homesin ja Sanna Alatalon puoleen mikäli asunnon osto Turkista kiinnostaa.

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